Carla Perrotti


“When you reach the perfect balance between body and mind, push yourself ahead, in search of the extreme limit. So you will understand that it exists only inside you”.

Why a person, and in particular a women, one day decides to challenge common sense and to risk her life to cross the desert?
Carla Perrotti doesn’t want to prove anything to anybody, she doesn’t want to challenge the hostile nature, and she doesn’t want to push her luck. For her the desert represents nature and her desire is to became as close as she can with it, became part of it, live the deep harmony that from appearances the desert doesn’t seem to have.

Even if the experiences that Carla describes and that changed her life forever are very different between them, they have a common line: Understand nature, merge with it and discover that only when we abandon ourselves to the greatest powers that we are really the masters of ourselves, face to face with our nature.
This is a book that talks about travelling, adventures, deep emotions and exciting experiences, but more than everything talks about the harmony with nature and with life.


My experiences are bound by a single thread: the need for solitude in a wide-open space, the necessity to live in direct contact with nature in the most intense way, in one word, the desert.

A trip in the desert in fact is different from any other trip. It is a mystic experience. This was also the thought of Carla Perrotti who succeededin realizing her dream and successfully accomplished an expedition never completed by another: crossing alone on foot the major deserts of the earth.
In her second book she recounts the last two: the Taklimakan, enclosed by the Himalayan mountains in China, never crossed before on foot by anyone, and the Simpson Desert, the red dunes in the heart of Australia.

It is not the ‘record’ that attracts her, but rather the spirit of adventure, the desire to prove the ability of the body and human psyche in limitless conditions and her love for solitude, the essential element for arriving at an understanding of yourself.
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