The first edition of Desert Therapy at the sea was a big surprise: we never could have imagined walking in a place so beautiful and quiet just a few hours from home. The beautiful Mediterranean spot which traced our journey was an explosion of flowers and perfumes, that went all the way to the sea, bordered by rocks and white sandy beaches. The beauty was breathtaking.
We walked on newly made paths without seeing anyone else for hours, along a sea of unbelievable shades ranging from pale turquoise to deep blue in a succession of coves only reachable by foot or boat.
A great sense of peace and serenity, we entered the depths of the soul and the five friends who were with us described this new experience as something unique and wonderful.
Three of them already went to the White Desert an had already experienced the thrill of this particular trip, but all were touched by the beauty of this place.
We left St. Florent, known as the Saint Tropez of Corsica, and for four days we walked to reach the beach of Ostriconi, near Ile Rousse, the arrival point of our journey.
The first six hours were the most difficult: the Corsica trip is reserved for those who love to walk, but it is accessible to anyone wishing to experience the sensation of living for a few days away from noise and confusion.
Every afternoon we arrived at a new beach where we made our camp: there we had a wonderful dinner with the sea just steps away from us, completely alone and barefoot in the sand!
The first night we even had guests. The sea had become rough and a nice couple from Canada arrived in a canoe. They were blocked and could not return to St. Florent: naturally they dined with us and stayed in one of our tents: in the morning, when we took-off, they gave a heart-felt thanks to everyone in the group.
Bruna, Claudia, Doriana, Benedetta and Roberto, together with Daniele and Max collaborated enthusiastically to put together camp and to help on this experience that was new also for the staff. Every morning the boat would arrive and we would load all our materials, which would meet us at the next beach where we would sleep. For three nights we had the company of the rain, but our tents held up very well to the water (only mine, made for the desert, flooded!)
Max also was able to catch a big octopus, which we grilled and accompanied with champagne given to us by Claudia’s husband. We enjoyed the fantastic swimming in cool water: no one missed out on the joys of swimming in this sea so clean and clear, which almost seemed to be painted.
At the arrival on the beach of Ostriconi, the last stage of our trip, we played in the water for an hour in the waves. I thought about the sand dunes which we rolled down the last day in the Egyptian Desert: once again, as then, spontaneously and with great simplicity we felt the desire to return to childhood.
Thanks to Desert Therapy

il mare visto dal Desert Des Agriates

Seven Days in the Desert de Agriates


1st/2nd day Milan – St Florent
11/12 June In the afternoon, we will de depart from Milan heading to Savona and in the evening, embark. We will be in cabins and sleep on the ship. We will arrive in Bastia in the morning and go to St Florent. We will settle into a hotel. The afternoon is free.

3rd day Beach of Saleccia
13 June From Roya Beach in S. Florent, we follow the road along the residences of Fornali and Fonaverte. After two kilometres, we leave the path heading towards a lighthouse, and take the path that reaches the left bank of the Fornali loop where the “Trail of Kin’s Men” begins. Continuing alone the coast, we pass the point of Cepu, then cross the Valdolese marshes and Santu River and finally, reach Punta Mortella and its lighthouse. Continuing along the coast, we come to the charming Lotus Beach, where there is a striking beautiful contrast between the white sand and the transparent blue water. From here, there are two possibilities to reach Saleccia Beach, half of our first trek: the shortest follows a trail that crosses the rocky ridge of Punta Curza away from the sea, while the most beautiful continues on the edge of the cliff, touching Punta Curza and reaching the long Saleccia Beach. The whiteness of the sand and transparency of the water leaves nothing to envy from Caribbean beaches. We spend the nights in tents.

4th day Ansa di Guignu
14 June From Saleccia, we rejoin the road that stretches along the coastline, passing Cala Fecciajo and arriving at Punta di Mignola. Once we have arrived at the intimate Trave beach, we continue along a coastline of white sand dunes, from the top of which you can see the ridges of the highest points of the island, still covered with snow in spring. We continue cutting inside the peninsula of Punta Negra and finally arriving at Guignu loop which will take half of the day and has one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Corsica. To the far east of the loop there is a spring very close to the sea. We spend the nights in tents.

5th day Ansa di Pinzuta
15 June Most difficult stage (6 hours walking). We leave the Guigna loop which follows along the sea to Alga Putrica, thus short cutting the Point of Pietra Alta. Shortly after reaching the road that comes from Bocca di Vezzu, we reach Punta di Malfactu, returning again along the sea. We now continue along the coast, passing Marina d’ Alga, Punta di Solche and finally reaching the splendid Baia de l’ Acciolu. Now the path moves away from the sea to go back to Bocca d’Affagadojo. Just past the pass, a detour allows us to reach a wonderful, little creek of Ansa di Pinzuta, enclosed between two sheer rocks, over a hundred meters high, along the turquoise colored sea. We spend the night in tents.

6th day Ile Rousse
16 June Returning once again to the main itinerary, we descend again towards the sea along the Vena loop and other small creeks to finally reach the Peraiola loop and the beautiful white beach of Ostriconi, surrounded by sand dunes studded with bushes and herbs. We wade the river between the dunes, on a path that leads through a grassy marsh in Ogliastro where there is the village of Vacances de l’Ostriconi and where we will meet the buses. We continue on for Ile Rousse and stay in a hotel.

7th day Bastia – Savona – Milan
17 June After breakfast, we will go to the port of Bastia and in the afternoon, embark for Savona, arriving in the evening. From here, we will go to Milan, arriving that night.