Tuareg say: “God has created water covered lands for the man to live on it, then it
has created the desert for the man to find its spirit”.
“The true meaning of discovery does not consist in trying to find new lands, but in
finding new eyes to look at it”.
M. Proust

It's confirmed. The new challenge of Carla Perrotti, joined by the blind marathon runner Fabio Pasinetti, to cross the Egyptian desert on foot, will take place this November. Fabio and Carla will start in the north of oasis of Farafra, in the white desert, and arrive to the oasis of Dakhla about fifteen days later. A trail of 250 km heading south. Their path will run between high sand dunes, eliminating the possibility of natural water resupply. That is why water drops will be organized by the support team. Every night the team will communicate the position of the resupply through a satellite telephone and Carla and Fabio will reply with their current position. Other than that, Carla and Fabio will make their crossing in complete autonomy and solitude, in a completely new environment for Fabio, with temperatures reaching 30°C in the day -3°C at night.