 Carla Perrotti is the first woman who crossed 4 deserts in 3 different continents.
 Simpson Desert represent the conclusion of a series.
 With this enterprise, Carla Perrotti wants to close a number of “first solos” in the world’s major deserts.
 Carla Perrotti will attempt the crossing of the Simpson desert alone, on foot. Approx. 600 Km from South East to North West
 Date: settembre 2003.
 Duration: 30-40 days.
 Carla will carry a backpack containing all the necessary equipment for the crossing.
 Simpson Desert in the central area of Australia.
 584.000 square km of dry red land, sand dunes and wild vegetation.
 A completely uninhabited area, without resources of water.
 Temperature range (-10°C at night and +35°C at day time)
 Communications will be assured by satellite phone. Contact with the team will be set up once a day, providing position, problems and emergencies.
 The supporting team is composed by 4 people. A cameramen, to provide video and  photo coverage (departure and arrival), a local guide and a supervisor, will always be on site. For security and crisis, a doctor will be part of the team